Mentors “Make a Difference”

What does a Mentor do at Blue Coat?

The mentor and young person work out together what they want to achieve.

Some examples of how a Mentor might help a young person are by:

  • Encouraging them to do their best at school.
  • Helping them to plan homework or revision.
  • Helping them with their studies.
  • Finding out information for them or helping them to find it.
  • Providing support through transition across all key stages, and even beyond ie College/University etc.
  • Encouraging them to attend school regularly, be punctual and hand in their work on time.
  • Discussing any issues they may feel they cannot speak to anyone else about
  • Being non-judgemental, and keeping things as confidential as possible.

Do Mentors undergo security checks?

Yes. Child protection is of the utmost importance.  Mentors undergo checks for their suitability to work with children and young people, which usually includes a check on their police records and references.

How long will the Mentoring last?

It can vary depending on the programme’s objectives and the wishes of the Mentor and the young person. Sometimes Mentoring relationships end more quickly than expected.  For example the programme may have achieved its objectives and the young person may feel they no longer need as much support.

How can parents help?

The Mentor who is working with the young person may arrange a meeting with your parents/carers at the beginning of the programme. This is an opportunity for them to discuss any issues.  Regular communication between parents and the Mentor is specifically designed to benefit the young person being mentored.

How can students be mentored?

Any student can discuss their concerns with their form tutor, their parents, director of learning for relevant year, or any member of staff they feel comfortable discussing things with.

Another way of seeing a mentor is to self-refer ie: if appropriate speak to the mentor themselves.

Blue Coat Mentors are:

Mrs M Nutt – Learning Mentor

Mr M Keaney – Learning Mentor

Miss B. Clough – Learning Mentor

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