House System

The House System is an integral and long-established system at the heart of Blue Coat whereby every child feels a sense of pride. Our House System offers a range of exciting extra-curricular opportunities for every child. Each pupil who attends Blue Coat is either a member of Lord Mothersill, Rountree Wrigley or Birley Hall. The Houses are named after distinguished former school Trustees. Each House has two Heads and two Deputy Heads from the Sixth Form who motivate and encourage all pupils within their House to participate. Through healthy competitions, we unite all our pupils and create a shared sense of purpose and belonging.

Our Aim

Our House System aims to develop the ‘whole child’ and equip them with the vital skills for the ever-changing world beyond the school gates. We help pupils to grow and develop as people by celebrating our cultural diversity. We provide cross-curricular opportunities outside of the classroom to promote creativity, passion and autonomy. We inspire our pupils to lead events, as well as instilling them with the willingness to cooperate and work together in order to achieve a common goal. The House System also takes pride in giving something back to the community by raising money for charity.

Inter-House Competition

The Inter-House Competitions are run every month across a number of disciplines. Our annual Swimming Gala is by far the longest competed event with an impressive level of participation across all Key Stages, and a growing number of parents who come to watch. The Junior Sports Day ensures House points are obtainable through a range of track and field events. Some of our competitions are also subject to change each year as we are passionate about ensuring The House System is current, reactive and topical.

Director of SMSC – Miss Brown

I am incredibly passionate about the House System and the extra-curricular offer within school, as this really is vital for the personal development of pupils and provides them with the opportunities to be all that they can be, and all that they are meant to be.  

Although pupils come to school first and foremost for a good quality education, I truly believe that some of the most valuable and memorable experiences that pupils have also happen outside of the classroom.  

The House System at The Blue Coat School is one that has an incredibly rich history and runs through the heart of the school. This is one of the ways that we ensure our pupils develop Spiritually, Morally, Socially and Culturally and by taking part in House projects and competitions, pupils are able to contribute to their more immediate community within school, both individually and within teams.  

As the three Houses within school include pupils from Year 7 up to Year 13, this system also offers the opportunity for pupils to meet others outside of their year group, which again pulls the school together and builds on that great sense of community. 

Some of my own most cherished memories from school include extra-curricular and house activities, so I feel extremely privileged to be able to help our pupils experience this and create some incredible memories of their own.”

House and SMSC activities include:

  • European Week of Languages
  • The Blue Coat Bake Off
  • A Festival of Cultures and Advent
  • Swimming Gala
  • The Blue Coat Fashion Show
  • The Blue Coat Race for Life
  • Junior Sports Day
  • Spelling Bee
  • Poetry Competition
  • Murder Mystery Event

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The Blue Coat School is proud to be part of the Cranmer Education Trust

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