At the Blue Coat School, we are part of a community where the highest levels of excellence are expected by all. This is underpinned by a strong set of beliefs and values which ensure that every pupil is all that they can be and all that they are meant to be. In keeping with our values and beliefs, all students are expected to proudly wear the Blue Coat School uniform. We firmly believe that wearing a school uniform enables our young people to feel part of our community and to establish a sense of identity and unity amongst their peers. Wearing the school uniform also assists in the provision of a safe school environment, where all pupils feel a sense of belonging.

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Policies – The Blue Coat School (blue-coat.org)

Location of uniform supplier

Monkhouse,  27 Union Street, Oldham, OL1 1XS.  Telephone: 0161-627 0417.

Email – oldham@monkhouse.com

Monkhouse, 51-53 Drake Street, Rochdale, OL16 1RX. Telephone: 01706-345257.
Email – Rochdale@monkhouse.com.

Monkhouse – School Uniform Information for Parents

Opening times for each store can be found on the above website.

Second hand uniform

If you would like to request items of good condition, second hand uniform, please follow the below link and complete and submit the request form.

There will be no cost for any item of uniform that we are able to provide through the initiative. The initiative is subject to donations, therefore there may be limited availability of certain items depending on the volume of donations received. 

You will be notified via email once we can advise what uniform is available and when it will be ready for collection.

Uniform Request Form

If you have any clean, good condition, outgrown uniform items that you would be prepared to donate, please could you send them into school with your child with name tags / year / house badges removed. We do not have any facilities to wash/dry/iron/repair donated items, therefore we require the clothing to be in a good condition, washed and pressed, to pass on straight away to another family. 

We would like to ask for donations of the following: 

Boys blazers 

Girls blazers 

Girls skirts  

PE Short sleeved top 

PE Long sleeved top 

PE Shorts 

Winter school coats. 

Unfortunately, due to storage restrictions, we are unable to continue to accept donations of school shirts, blouses and trousers, however we are sure that local charity shops will be pleased to receive those items to help families in the community. 

The collection point for the donations will be outside the hall near the water cooler for our students to drop items off.