Food Allergen Information

There is now a legal requirement for food allergen information to be available for consumers. As you are aware we are a fresh food company and use local suppliers and a number of small independent growers to provide our quality ingredients. After consultation with the Food Standards Agency and Allergy UK we feel the best way to provide this information is verbally to our customers. All of our dining rooms now display a polite notice advising our students to speak to their catering manager if they require any further information on allergies or have a food intolerance.
In addition Mellors have also completed the following:

  • The Catering Manager and kitchen staff have been trained and given an overview of food allergens.
  • Each site has been issued with an allergen policy and procedure for the Catering Manager and staff to follow.
  • Tight procedures have been put in place to cover all aspects of the production process from suppliers through to service.
  • This change in legislation will further improve the school’s special diet procedure. We would still ask that any requests from parents are supported by medical evidence.

Should you need any further advice or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact  the school direct.
Mellors Catering Services