Cashless Catering

We use cashless catering technology for the purchase of food in our restaurant. This system has many advantages for students and their parents/carers.

  • Each student has an account, which can be credited online through WisePay or cash using the note/coin loaded in school. Wisepay is our preferred method, as this significantly reduces the problems of losing / mislaying / forgetting lunch money.
  • Each student pays in the same way.
  • If a student qualifies for free school meals, their account will be automatically credited each day with the standard free school meal amount.
  • Having control of their own account helps students to learn important life skills.
  • The system speeds up payment and lunch-time queues, so your son/daughter will spend less time waiting.
  • All transactions are recorded by day in WisePay so you can see what your child is eating, and when.

Each student will need to enrol in order to facilitate this, you will then be able to credit their account online on WisePay and they can then purchase food in the restaurant by placing their finger on a fingertip scanner.

Please read the Biometric Technology Information by clicking this link.

How to pay for cashless catering

To avoid cash being carried around in school, the preferred method to credit accounts is by WisePay. There is a note/coin loader in school, which accepts £5, £10 and £20 notes as well as £1 and £2 coins. Please be aware that the value loader and school office do not give change, this ensures that pupils use the full value of any notes that parents/carers have given them for their lunch in school.

If your son/daughter qualifies for a free school meal, their account will be automatically credited each day with the standard free school meal amount. Any unused balance does not carry forward to the next day but your son/daughter can add money to their account to use at breakfast or break by following the instructions above. If your child qualifies for a free school meal but isn’t on the school list, or if the entitlement is about to expire, please ring Welfare Benefits as soon as possible.

If you have any concerns please contact The Finance Team on 0161 624 1484.