Here at Blue Coat we offer a fully inclusive environment for all our students. We pride ourselves on our caring and nurturing community and we believe that through this, young people will be happy, feel safe and ultimately achieve to the best of their ability.

All students at Blue Coat receive a consistently high quality experience within the classroom. This is where we believe the best learning and progress takes place and all support and interventions will begin here with high quality differentiation, a full knowledge and understanding of the students and an exciting and enthusing learning experience.

Students who have additional needs or learning difficulties that are a barrier to their learning will be monitored and supported by our Learning Support and Inclusion Department. With our own facility, The Green Room, we provide safe and supportive surroundings for students to access during their social times. At break and lunchtime, students come to complete homework in homework club, they might come to play chess or scrabble or join in at games club or they might come to sit quietly and read. The Green Room is also the place where most of our interventions take place.

It is important that students who find learning more challenged are equipped with tools and strategies to enable them to become more independent not only in school but outside and beyond school. Study skills sessions are offered to KS4 students and learning tool sessions are run to help students develop their skills in areas such as using mind maps and organising information.

Ultimately, our aim is to ensure that students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities experience a fully inclusive education, with a broad and balanced curriculum within a nurturing community.  Additional support is carefully targeted and delivered on a timely cycle to accelerate progress with the aim of integrating students back into a full mainstream education.

Mr K. Bourne Assistant Head (Inclusion)


Mrs Underwood, SENDCo



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