We seek to run all aspects of school business and activity with full regard for high standards of conduct and integrity. In the event of cause for concern please follow the Trust Whistleblowing Policy. Concerns will be raised confidentially and provide for a thorough and appropriate investigation.

The type of activity or behaviour which the Trust considers should be dealt with under the Whistleblowing Policy includes *:

  • manipulation of accounting records and finance
  • inappropriate use of trust/school assets or funds
  • decision making for personal gain
  • any criminal activity
  • abuse of position
  • fraud and deceit
  • serious breaches of trust/school procedures which may advantage a particular party (for example tampering with tender documentation, failure to register a personal interest)
  • damage to the environment or property of the trust/school
  • child protection issues including sexual, emotional or physical abuse of pupils or others, or matters relating to the Prevent Duty
  • other unethical conduct, including the circulation of inappropriate emails
  • suppressing information about anything listed above

* The list is for guidance only and is not intended to be comprehensive