Student Mobile Devices

Student Mobile Devices Policy

  • Students must not use a mobile device or headphones anywhere in school during the school day, except under the specific direction of a teacher, and in designated areas and times set aside for social use. For the purposes of this policy, the school day begins the moment the student enters the school grounds and ends at 3:20pm.
  • Designated areas and times are as follows:
    •  Year 12 and 13 students may make reasonable use of their mobile devices in the Mezzanine and Restaurant at designate study periods
  • Students must not photograph other students unless explicit permission is given by a teacher, and consent is obtained from the students photographed. Students must show the resulting picture to the teacher and students involved on request, and to delete said picture if requested. Failure to do so will result in the confiscation of the device until the picture is removed.
  • Students must not photograph staff without their explicit permission
  • Parents wishing to contact their son / daughter during the school day should ring school. We have a well-established and efficient system for getting the messages to pupils, and pastoral support if it is needed.
  • Pupils / students who need to contact parents during the course of the school day should speak to Student Services or their Pastoral Head, who will make a phone available.
  • Mobile devices in school are the students’ responsibility. They should be switched off and kept securely in lockers, bags or pockets, and they must be used only in the appropriate circumstances stated elsewhere in this policy.
  • Students who need to use a mobile after school should do so in the school grounds and not on the main road, in line with police advice about mobiles being a major source of street crime. IF MOBILE DEVICES ARE SEEN HEARD OR ARE USED BY PUPILS OUTSIDE THESE RULES THEY WILL BE CONFISCATED FOR 5 SCHOOL DAYS. Parents are asked not to put the staff in an embarrassing situation by asking for phones to be returned when students have been in breach of school policy.
  • Mobile devices may be confiscated as part of investigations into behavior / safeguarding incidents.  A senior staff member will manage this confiscation in line with safeguarding policy.  Parents will be contacted.  Content on mobile devices will only be viewed in the presence of the student and only if appropriate.    In certain circumstances mobile devices may be passed to the police.
  • Parents will be notified by email if their child’s phone has been confiscated and this also serves as a receipt.  Devices will be kept securely, in a locked cupboard, in the school office.
  • The school cannot accept any responsibility for the loss of mobile devices which have been brought onto school premises. IN LIGHT OF CONCERNS NATIONALLY ABOUT THE USES TO WHICH IMAGES CAN BE PUT WE ASK ALL parents to be sensitive about taking photographs using mobile phones, cameras or video recorders at school events. We may question anyone we do not recognise who is using a camera or video-recorder at school events or productions