Bus Information and Timetable

Before travelling to and from school it is important to plan-ahead and consider different options.

Transport for Greater Manchester has a dedicated School’s Hub, with information about public transport services, tickets and passes, latest travel guidance and advice around cycling and walking.

If you can, please consider whether your child can walk or cycle to school – it can be a safe and healthy way to make shorter trips. With new cycling and walking routes popping up across the region, it is safer and easier than ever to get about on foot or by bike.

If you do need to drive, please do not drive onto the school site, and park well away from the school crossing points and driveway to ensure we can keep our students and staff safe.

Click here for the revised Timetable (updated 02/09/2022)

Some services may have a different operator.

Click Here for IGO School Ticket Poster

TfGM have been working with the operators of our school bus services to introduce a new weekly ticket that can be loaded straight on to an IGO card, without the need for a paper ticket. This will help to reduce the environmental impact, whilst also cutting down on lost tickets and students travelling without their IGO pass.

All service operators are now able to sell and accept this new ticket type. For more information please visit: https://tfgm.com/tickets-and-passes/bus-school-bus-services.  From January 2021, school bus operators will no longer sell the paper version of the TfGM school weekly ticket.

If any students need to apply for an IGO pass or replacement, full details can be found here: https://tfgm.com/tickets-and-passes/igo-pass

More information can be found on the TfGM website