Email/ My Ed Communication Issues


Dear Parent/Carer,

We are aware that some parents are having difficulties receiving emails from school from My Ed. This is as a result of changes made by some email providers who have increased their security settings.  The email providers that appear to be affected are Sky, Yahoo and BTInternet – who have confirmed they have very high security levels.

Some emails are getting through but going directly into Spam/Junk, others are delayed or not being delivered at all.

My Ed are currently looking into the matter with email providers and have sent the following guidance for parents/carers.

  1. Please check your Junk/Spam folders in your email
  2. If there is an email from The Blue Coat School mark it as NOT SPAM – do NOT mark it as Spam.
  3. Add the My Ed sender’s identity details to your filters or safe provider list (links to instructions on how to do this for the different email providers can be found below)


Yahoo/Sky email users  (link to the document)

BTInternet email users  (link to the document)


Alternatively, you may wish to contact your email provider and ask them to add the following address to the ‘White List’:   *

We understand this is very frustrating and can assure you that we are working with our provider, who in turn is working with the email providers but unfortunately it is out of our control.

To help reduce the impact please download the MyEd App – we can now send some communications out via this method.  In addition, we will also soon be adding the facility for parents to have access to their child’s behaviour information via the App.  Other developments and functionality will be added throughout the year following an upgrade to our management information system. If you haven’t yet downloaded My Ed to your mobile phone you can do so using the links below:

Apple IOS App:

Click here for the Apple version


Google Android App

Click here for the Android version

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