Coronavirus Update


If your son / daughter tests positive for COVID-19 and you receive notice to this end, please contact school using the below link, OR by contacting Student Services, in the usual way:

Covid-19 Report Form

Self-Isolation Flowchart (last updated December 2021)

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Click here for Remote Learning Overview Diagram

Click here for Remote Education Outline During a National/Local Lockdown

Click here for Remote Education Outline When “Bubbles” Are Sent Home

Click here for Remote Education Outline When Individuals Are Self-Isolating

Letters to Parents and Carers re Coronavirus UpdatE

Headteacher’s Letter to Parents (May Updates) – Dated 14/05/2021

Trust Letter to Parents (Start of Summer Term) – Dated 28/04/2021

Students’ Phased Return To School/Testing – Week Commencing 8th March

Headteacher’s Letter to Parents (Updated Spring Arrangements) – Dated 08/01/2021

Trust Letter to Parents (Start of Spring Term) – Dated 05/01/2021

Headteacher’s Letter to Parents (Spring Term Arrangements) – Dated 04/01/2021

Trust Letter to Parents (Update) – Dated 18/12/2020

Headteacher’s Letter to Parents – Christmas and New Year Updates (Dated 15/12/2020)

Trust Letter to Parents (Dated 14/12/2020)

Letter from Headteacher – Updates and Moving Forward (Dated 16/11/2020)

Trust Letter to Parents (Dated 10/11/2020)

Letter from Headteacher – End of Half Term (Dated 23/10/2020)

Trust Letter to Parents (Dated 23/10/2020)

Letter Dated 18/09/2020

Letter Dated 17/09/2020

Letter Dated 15/09/2020

Letter Dated 14/09/2020

Letter Dated 02/09/2020

Letter from Oldham Council 28/02/2020

Letter Dated 27/08/2020

Letter Dated 25/08/2020

Letter Dated 17/07/2020

Letter Dated 15/07/2020

Letter Dated 25/06/2020

Letter Dated 09/06/2020

Letter Dated 08/06/2020

Letter Dated 01/06/2020

Letter Dated 29/05/2020

Letter Dated 15/05/2020

Letter Dated 13/05/2020

Letter Dated 01/05/2020

Letter Dated 21/04/2020

Letter Dated 17/04/2020

Letter Dated 08/04/2020

Letter Dated 03/04/2020

Letter Dates 03/04/2020

Letter Dated 27/03/2020