Year 7 Admissions Entry

The Admissions Round for Year 7 Entry in September, 2022 is NOW OPEN.


UPDATE:  Counting Attendance (2020-2021)

The period when church attendance will not be counted for 2020- 2021 will be extended from Easter to 31st August 2021, by which point we hope to have received further guidance from Manchester Diocese which is our legal authority.
This will also apply to the counting of attendance for families applying for 2022.

September, 2022 Entry

Year 7 Supplementary Form (September, 2022 Entry)

Year 7 Admissions Policy (September, 2022 Entry)

Randomisation Process (September, 2022 Entry)


Historical Data


September, 2021 Entry  (Now Closed)

The Admissions Round for September, 2021 entry HAS NOW CLOSED.  Any applications received after 31st October, 2020 will be treated as late.
Recording attendance at worship for 2019-20/Policy and Supplementary Forms – Advice to Parents

PLEASE NOTE updates to clarify priority for LACs/PLACs

Letter to Parents – Changes to Admissions Policy

Blue Coat Admissions Policy Entry 2021 (CLOSED)

Blue Coat Guidance for Parents Entry 2021 (CLOSED)

Supplementary Form Entry 2021 (CLOSED)

Admissions Randomisation Process

Blue Coat School is part of The Cranmer Education Trust. Please note that Blue Coat’s Admissions Policy does not give priority to children from other Cranmer Education Trust schools, as this would be in contravention of the National Admissions Code.