Open Day 2020

Welcome to our Virtual Open Day

“Because of Covid-19, we are so disappointed that we won’t be able to hold our Open Day this year. Being able to show our community the talents of our students and the expertise of our staff is one of our annual highlights.

“We also know how important the event is for our prospective parents and students. Moving to secondary school is a milestone in any child’s life, and it is understandable that the whole family will want to know more about our school and have questions about what being a student at The Blue Coat School is like.

“That is why we have worked hard to move the experience online . We have made a number of short videos to help you find out more about the school and our community.

“So please sit back and join us for The Blue Coat School inaugural Virtual Open Day!”

Mr R Higgins, Headteacher

Learn With Us

One of the highlights of our Open Day is the opportunity for parents and children to meet our teachers, see some of the lessons and hear about all the exciting things that we teach in Year 7.

This video gives you the opportunity to hear from our staff and get an insight into the learning and support on offer at The Blue Coat School.

The Headteacher’s Address

By joining The Blue Coat School, you are joining a school that not only has heritage and tradition – but also a community with a vibrant and exciting future.

Every year our Headteacher, Mr Higgins, and the CEO of the Trust that the school is part of, Mrs Hollis, talk about our history and how we can support your child to be ready for the world that awaits them.

Our Values

Our values underpin our community. They help define how we collectively achieve our goals and support one another.

Listen to our Headteacher and students talk about we help one another be everything you can be, and everything you’re meant to be.

Admissions Process

One of the key questions that is traditionally asked at our Open Day is how does a family apply for a place here.

Because of covid, the process this year has evolved. We hope that the videos below explain what this means to you, and how to navigate through the application process.

Finally, thank you

We are sorry that we weren’t able to welcome you to our school in person. We hope that the above videos have helped you understand more about our community.

Thank you for taking the time to spend some time with us, albeit virtually, and if you have any questions then please do get in touch.

We hope to meet you in the future.