New Year 7 – Information

Welcome to Year 7 at Blue Coat School. We have an exciting year ahead of us!

Over the next twelve months you will be studying a range of fascinating subjects, taught by fantastic teachers, in brilliant buildings, that are both historic and brand new. A caring team of Form Tutors will look after your wellbeing over the next five or seven years, including teaching you specific ‘wellbeing’ lessons every fortnight. You will have a dedicated Director of Learning who will oversee your progress to ensure that you become the best that you can be and the best that you are meant to be.  You will be making the first steps of a five or seven year journey with us, that will see you develop both academically, socially and morally.

Here at Blue Coat, we know that you have developed good leadership skills at primary school; with this in mind, you will be set many exciting challenges when you arrive in September. One of these challenges will be the Leadership Award. Your Director of Learning will explain more about this in September, but this is something which will be a huge focus for you during Year 7. It will be a fantastic opportunity for you to showcase and celebrate your skills, whilst also developing your leadership abilities.

We hope you are as excited as we are to meet you and we are looking forward to September!

Welcome letter to Year 6 Students